Woodpecker's Waltz (Make Love Stay)
Red-Winged Blackbird
Dreamin' Comes Easy
There's A Lady
Angry Eyes
Open Eyes
Harmony We Hear You
Angels Standing By
Grandpa's Violin
Everybody's the Only One
Rainbow Circle (Will the Circle Be Unbroken)
Raging Sky
It was 1986, Melbourne Australia when this was recorded. Recordist Graham Answorth caught two performances, at Healsville Sanctuary and The Green Man Pub. A collection of original songs, several of which I'd forgotten. Graham rescued the 30 year old recordings and I was able to remaster them for this release.  It was an incredible time in the Land Down Under.  That's my friend Burnham Burnham on the cover, and ULURU (we will not call it Ayre's Rock, ever!).  I hope you'll enjoy this amazing recording. Thank you so much Graham Answorth!

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