1. Child of God (Age 17)
2. The Opening
3. Thank You!
4. My Cup Runneth Over
5. New Fine Day
6. Only Constant
7. Unlock the Power
8. What You Believe
9. Expect A Miracle
10. Mercy For A God
11. Still Small Voice
12. You'll See It When You Believe It
13. Perfect (Serendipitiy)
14. I Am That I Am
15. Standing On the rock
16. The Dream
17. The Privilege
18. The Way I See It
19. Nights Like This
20. These Wishes Are Horses

Recorded LIVE in a little church in Jupiter in 2013, this collection of songs begins with Child of God composed at the age of 17.  Many were created just hours before the service I was to play for, inspired by the Sunday messages of the pastor.  This was a very special night in celebration of the Most High God, Jesus Christ, humanity, love and joy!

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